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       Insevis Main Catalogue

   S7 from Siemens Programmable CPU's with HMI Touch panels



     Helmholz S7-300 and Network

S7-300 parts and Networking security



Helmholz TB20     Helmholz TB20

TB20 Remote Fieldbus I/O, Profibus, ProfiNet, ModbusTCP, CanBus

    Radio SystemsFibre Optics

We also stock S5-115U and S5-135U Digital I/O, Analog I/O and TCP/IP modules

      TCP/IP Digital Analog Digital Analog IM306 PROFIBUS DP

S7200, S7-300, S7-400, S5, S5-115U, S5-135U, SIMATIC, STEP, HMI, WinCC, ET200 are registered trademarks of Siemens

Product Focus

PS307 2.5 Amp

PS 307, For S7300 from Siemens and the VIPA 300V system.

24VDC 2.5Amp

Screws onto Siemens S7300 backplane rail and VIPA 300V backplane rail.
Also for standalone operation with any other PLC system.

110/240VAC input
24VDC output
Short circuit protection
Overload protection
No Load protection
Electrcial Seperation to EN 60950
Use as load current supply possible.